Once the need to pay particular attention to the antifreeze freezes in winter or a damaged engine

With the colder temperatures, cold test for vehicles. And before this winter is especially important to take good care of your car, if the car unable to spend the winter, as the owners probably enough. It is understood that the winter be sure to use antifreeze, when the air temperature is below zero degrees Fahrenheit, is plain water if the engine's cooling system, easy to freeze, is not conducive to starting, also can cause serious engine damage.
according to statistics, the cooling system failure is the number one killer lead to engine failure, but accounted for about 60% of the total engine failure. So don't forget to check the antifreeze into the winter. , Jiaozhou Yangzhou road, automobile 4S shop manager says, usually antifreeze is changed every two years, but if you have ever had joined in the antifreeze acts of ordinary water, antifreeze replacement cycles are advised, when changing antifreeze color, do not mix different colors added.
antifreeze of choice, lower the freezing point undoubtedly stronger antifreeze antifreeze. The freezing point of antifreeze on the market today-15 ℃-25 ℃,-30 ° c,-40 ° c, such as specifications, select the freezing point must be lower than the minimum temperature in the region of above 10 ℃.
wiper water spray system even during the winter months will significantly reduce the amount of use, but it cannot be ignored, especially in the northern region. And antifreeze are the same, although in the summer and clear polyester water with water instead, but in the winter, these alternatives may freeze, so cannot be used in the winter. Degrees Celsius below zero in the winter environment, you should replace the anti-freeze winter water glass, or join a proper proportion of alcohol in the glass of water to reduce the freezing point, the purpose of antifreeze.
managers recommend you car in the winter before the car body to be a "cosmetic". Because the winter is very cold, brushing will also reduce the number of vehicles, so winter waxes are maintenance of good way to paint. Waxed body difficult to spray, paint is less prone to condensation into ice in the winter. BACK

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