Self drive holiday by the end of the use of navigation features are useful

People are about to usher in the new year's holiday, although the statutory holiday for only three days, but have a lot of friends plan an extra day off, so that it can be obtained before and after the 6-day vacation, the idea of self-driving tour were checked out at once. Immediately after the one-month Festival is the Lunar New Year holiday, which is driving peak. With the rapid expansion of the network, while people travel conveniences, but find their way into a big problem, driving friends, especially beginners and journalists as people of partial deletion of the innate sense of direction, self-driving tour was perhaps the biggest problem is finding the way in the process. Fortunately, we have a Navigator! But you may not know is that the Navigator will not only make our way blind successfully reaches its destination by voice command alone, there are many features you may expect, we should put to good use.
opportunites throughout the wizard
self-driving tour friends would often headaches for complex drive line. Others drive route planning well, wanted to go the same route. To walk in someone else's route on the GPS really is not easy, first recorded with the pen friends get off course, then station a station into my GPS, if long lines that are in trouble.
in fact, this problem is easy to solve, interested friends can go to professional self drive tour website and download your favorite driving road map. Website Shang has many car friends with GPS records himself had through of line, these called track figure, just see associate which article line right himself, download to himself of GPS equipment Shang, directly according to this track travel, without put each station different of destination are lost into equipment, on can achieved full navigation, car navigation instrument on seems you of since driving tour Wizard General, even alone road, also emboldened full has. It is understood that most car Navigator now downloads the record track features for tracking map download site for more.
share their "footprint"
and friends share their travel footprint on the Internet became a fashionable thing. Use small on-board navigation system, you can achieve this function. Can using specific of software will GPS records Xia of tourism track and time, and camera photos of time for synchronization of, in each Zhang photo in the are entered car navigation instrument Shang displayed of at of longitude degrees coordinates, then will these photos upload to specifically of satellite map website, such you of friends on can is intuitive to understand you had of travel footprint, and on you in local of saw through photos for understand. You can imagine, after decades of open software, see on Earth with his once visited landmarks, the feeling is wonderful! Help a lot
help/> come to a wintry night in a remote jungle, unfortunately your car broke down. Managed dialed calls, when the phone asks you the location you suddenly dumbfounded, because this cranny there is no road sign numbers, but by no means a position goes to the rescue? Your in-car navigation device can come in handy, as long as the days, which provide location coordinates, without any restrictions! The latitude and longitude coordinates are unique and can also reverse queries, so it can provide crucial help to rescue. But then again, currently offers private towing companies may not be able to use this information to find search-and-rescue, most of the time or through formal large rescue platform.
vehicle navigation tips
Navigation map software cannot be exhaustive, often lost in destination, Navigator said, unable to find to your destination. Why is this? Destinations not in the software registration. GPS navigation map cannot be updated every day, in some places could not be found is not surprising. In such cases do? Very simple, or Internet before to know what destination distance landmarks close to or directly on the bus the way functions of communication service providers and ask around there is no landmark, landmark is set to the destination, you can easily reach. Then, look for where you want to go easy. Traditional map
with PND can be thrown into the dustbin of the paper map? Older players tell you, you can't. Navigation is easy, but never more reliable paper maps. Not receive satellite signals, power outages or temporary software and hardware fault will make it "strike". In addition in some complex sections, such as beneath a highway overpass, it may erroneously think you misled your direction on the bridge, or as said above where you want to go to is not the record, when you have a paper map to study more than doubled, landmark next to the destination and then enter the navigation search. Therefore, the truck is better with a more reliable maps. BACK

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