Ten common fault these small problems don't go 4S shops get ripped off

If you find your car take white smoke, burning oil, rims black and so on, you will immediately help 4S shop? Recently, a secret tutorial called auto 4S shop---auto parts and troubleshooting post blasting the Red network. Netizens 63 cars against more common fault analysis of true and false judgement, and description. Forwarded by many netizens said, "learning about it, small problems don't have to 4S shops get ripped off. "
the content of this Internet post by unreliable? Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news was elected common fault 10 friends, and found to be false, and Howe to the Chongqing automobile service consultant du feng and Chongqing country source driving coaches for verification.
at low temperature in winter, the car parked for a long time, the engine starts more difficult
network analysis: low fuel vaporization rate drop in temperature, the mixture is thin nonflammable, oil viscosity, resulting in increased resistance to engine operation, resulting in difficulty in starting. In addition, the battery electrolyte reactions slow, output power at startup, start the machine power and ignition voltage is inadequate, the engine is difficult to start.
du Feng: the phenomenon of below 10 ℃, open storage of vehicles is obvious. In addition to difficulty in starting, engine shaking than usual, which is caused by the temperature. In such cases, the pilot shall timely vehicle after the vehicle starts to preheat the system, usually 3-5 minutes of launch and jitter phenomenon will fade.
vehicle air conditioning turned on, the engine speed does not change analysis of true and false fault coexisting
post: many new configuration engine, in the open air when the engine is no improved speed, relying instead on increasing engine injector fuel injection time, to keep the engine idling speed stability.
du Feng: when former car air conditioning, engine speed is improved, this is in order to meet the load requirements for air conditioning compressor, keep the engine idling stability, so that vehicles do not stall. Now vehicle technology improvements, and many new cars according to the different configurations, eliminating the need to raise the engine speed to meet the air-conditioning. So, open air conditioning engine speed is not necessarily failure, depends on the configuration of the vehicle itself.
When you step on the brake pedal, shift lever there is click sound fault
leave/> network analysis: this is the shift lever solenoid valve voices. Automatic transmission vehicles are generally prevent misuse of gear lever function, to prevent the driver or passengers in the car due to misoperation accident occurred.
du Feng: each shift lever solenoid valve. When the car stalls, would control solenoid valve, by pass solenoid valve signal transmission for a vehicle forward or backward command is executed. Shift lever clicks, is the electromagnetic valve movement sounds, and every time you stepped on the brake pedal, the solenoid valve will beep, this is normal. Therefore, in the p position without stepping on the brake pedal, shift lever cannot be moved. Of course, according to the different vehicle designs, and when you step on the brake pedal, shift lever clicks will also vary.
electric window lift speed doors not fault coexisting
true and false analysis: as the glass lift into dust in orbit is made by friction with the Groove bigger, their corresponding cleaning will be solved, not what's wrong.
du Feng: in addition to dust, there is aging Strip, run into this situation, then how did not used, required promptly to the 4S shop replaced.
dust affecting the speed of electric window lift, do not suggest driver cleaning yourself. Because there are many rubber seals around power Windows, if the choice of improper cleaning, corrode rubber, seal deterioration, cracked, and decrease window seal. In General, electric Windows 4S shop inspection and maintenance should be every two or three months, reducing the probability of failure.
vehicle noise analysis of true and false fault coexisting
post: all vehicles have varying degrees of noise problems, mainly from the engine and wind noise, body resonance, suspension noise and tire noise and so on.
du Feng: car, vehicle suspension system, tires, engine, fan, bumps may produce noise. Vehicles equipped with different parts, the sound is not the same. As far as the car, dashboard, and other plastic parts are likely to make noise. In addition, different body shapes and moving at different speeds, the wind is different. In the General case, higher speed, greater wind.
vehicle noise is normal. Different grades of the car, equipped with noise insulation measures in different, the driver heard the noise is not the same. If is abnormal noise from vehicles, such as the "crunch" sound, you need to 4S shop for repair.
fault network analysis: this is brake in brake, the friction between the brake caliper and wheel disc grinding down the carbon powder, coking in the heat of the aluminum alloy wheels on the wheel surface, into a layer of hard, dark brown surface, cannot be washed away with water. To avoid this behavior, it is necessary to wash wheels.
driving school instructor: brake caliper is stuck brake itself is cast iron, not producing black powder. Black powder is mainly brake and powder friction between the wheels and adsorption on the surface of aluminum alloy wheels. As long as the car wash (1 to 2 times a week) can be cleared, there was no hard surface, flush out the phenomenon.

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